Remarkable Benefits of Wearing a Moonga Stone

Red Coral which is also known as Moonga stone or Praval Ratna is accumulated from the deep ocean by marine creatures from the coats called coral ridges. Moonga stone is best recommended by astrologers because it has a number of astrological benefits. Compared to other precious members of the Navratna gemstone family it is the most popular astrological gemstone which is worn to get relief from the different health issues and also get success in life and career. It is a semi-precious stone of the Navratna family and its bright red hue makes it different from any other stone. It is quite less expensive compared to other members of the Navratna family. It is formed in the deep sea and that's why there are two types of coral or Moonga stone famous all over the world, the Japanese Red Coral and the second one is Italian Red Coral. According to the color of the stone, there are two varieties of coral stone that are popular and that is Red coral and white coral stone.

The favored red coral is quite popular for its reddish tone. According to a fact, it is said that as the depth of the ocean increases, The color of the stone becomes lighter and that's why this stone is found in different color variations. The coral stone is a precious gift from the ocean of Japanese and Italian. This mystical stone is ruled by the Mars Planet or Mangal Grah. Everybody is aware of the negative and the positive effects of this planet. The power of this planet is associated with the stone and that behaves according to the placement of the respective planet in the horoscope. Due to its amazing astrological and healing properties, it is more beneficial for those who are suffering from the malefic effects of the planet Mars of mangal Grah. If you wear this stone then it makes you more energetic and ambitious. It is believed that this stone is used to reduce and lower the effect of Manglik dosh from the native's horoscope. Below we have shared some of the benefits of this coral stone.

Benefits of Moonga Stone:

If you are looking to get more strength, to feel more persuasive, or simply want to be more confident then here I am sharing some of the reasons why you should buy this stone.

Increase confidence and courage: The red coral stone is recognized as the symbol of the royal god of war that is Mars Planet. It's a pure natural gem that boosts the courage and the confidence of the wearer. This mystical stone is also worn to enhance physical strength and sexual desire. According to Vedic astrology, This red coral stone is often recommended for the inactive marriage partner. Because it is the only way by which they can increase their passion for love and their depth in the relationship.

Overcome Obstacles: With this ability to boost strength, This stone also gives the ability to overcome or fight against the obstacles in life. By wearing this stone you can accept new challenges in your life. Wearing a real or natural red coral stone is considered the best method to overcome obstacles in life.

Improve mental and Physical Health: As this stone has many positive effects, Red coral gemstone is also said to have amazing healing qualities. It is believed that red coral can be used in the healing of bad skin, weak blood, cuts, and scrapes. This red-colored stone is helpful in the regulation of high blood pressure. If you are suffering from any type of heart issue then it can be beneficial for you. These natural stones are also helpful in curing sterility or bone diseases. If this is not enough then this stone is best suggested to get positive mental health. Red coral jewelry is also the best attraction for jewelry lovers.

Better Relationship: Red coral stones are symbolized as "Mangalya Balam". In other words, This stone is best recommended for marriage compatibility. It is also used to increase the longevity of the relationship. It gives durability to the bond and gives positive energy to war against the evil eye and negative energy.

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